Camp Ilene Doggie Day Care

The ONLY Facility in the Inland Empire located in a home for a real home away from home environment for your "Fur Kid"!

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Doggy Overnights & Day Care Head Counselor


Well, it’s time you learned about the Head Camp Counselor here at Camp Ilene.  Yup, her name is Ilene.  She is pretty amazing; at least that’s what all the campers think.  She has a love for us pups like a Mom does for her own kids.

Ilene has done loads of different things throughout her business career.  One day she said, “I’m going to do what I love.”  It was 1991 when she started a pet sitting buz in Huntington Beach called Luv Ur Pets. Ilene took an animal health care class, joined the local chamber of commerce, became a member of the Pet Sitters Association, and went to work.

In no time at all, Ilene had a very successful business that also mentored two other humans in the pet sitting business.  Next, Ilene sold her business and moved to South Orange County where she worked with a dog behaviorist.  During the 5 years of working with this renowned trainer, many people would ask where they should board their pets.

Well, one thing led to another and Camp Ilene was born.  The word got out, as the campers love this place, and Camp Ilene has grown.  The camper’s families love that they can leave home with no fears about their pups since they will be loved at Camp Ilene just as they are loved at home.  No stress and no separation anxiety.  Just love, hugs, snuggling and belly rubs.

Ilene and dogApril of 2003 found Ilene moving the business to the Inland Empire, Corona, so she could have more of us pups running around a larger place.  Ilene is very dedicated to us.  She owned her place in Orange County for over 20 years before she decided it would be best for us here.  She packed up and moved us to our new “digs”.  We even have a Kennel License, even though we are not really a “kennel”, as there are no cages and no runs.  We have lots more room here; 1.23 acres, and during the summer we have a pool to swim in.  Plus, Ilene lives here!  This is her passion and her love.  Having her on site adds a heightened level of security, oversight and an unmatched level of care and protection.  This truly is a home away from home for us pups.  It’s way better than those big “box” places with rubber floors and no outside area to play in.


Okay, you gotta get your folks to send you to Camp Ilene.  It is the funnest place on earth for us kids while our folks are away.  Check it out, you will never want to go anywhere else.  Oh, a friendly reminder: don’t let your folks get too worried that you won’t wanna go home...   Sometimes when they see how happy we are at Camp, they worry, so make sure you give them an extra wag on your way in to play at Camp Ilene.