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The ONLY Facility in the Inland Empire located in a home for a real home away from home environment for your "Fur Kid"!

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Doggy Overnights & Day Care Testimonials 1

Dear Camp Ilene,
My name is Danny O’Rielly and I'm an 8 month old Golden Retriever. I wanted to thank everyone at Camp for being so much fun and so kind to me. I really love it! Mom took this picture of me the day I returned home after my very first ever sleepover. I was a little scared being away from Mom for the first time, but all that was put aside when we pulled up to the gate at Camp! I knew I was going to be back with friends! I’ve come to Camp Ilene a few times for DayCare and loved it, so Mom wanted to make overnight plans for me while she was out of town. I’m soooo glad she did! This was soooo much fun! Mom never has to worry about me here at Camp Ilene. Everyone is friendly and I make all kinds of doggie friends that I can’t wait to see again each time I return. Mom is happy that I’m so worn out when I get home from DayCamp or an overnighter. Mom just has to mention “Camp Ilene” and I’m headed to the door with my tail a waggin’. My favorites at Camp Ilene are: the pools, water, lots of land to run and roam on, shade trees, did I mention water? Kind and attentive staff members that all make me feel so welcomed and loved. Oh yeah, and water! Oh, think I mentioned that.  To all my doggy friends out there and doggie parents: just remember you heard it from me. Camp Ilene is the best place on earth and tons of fun!! You got the “scoop” from me (no pun intended)!

First off Sweet Pea and I would like to start by saying Camp Ilene is where a dog can be a dog. We play with new friends, bask in the sun, and run and play as much as we want. Mom and Dad needed some time off and we got time off to play while they were gone. We were never alone and were always well taken care of. If your parents get concerned they can go online and view what’s happening on two doggie cams installed so they can rest assured your having as much fun as they are while on vacation. But that’s not all, I noticed other doggie friends that stayed for the day and played then, went home at night. All the doggies here were   treated with love, understanding, and care.  Do yourself a favor, Tell you Mom and Dad you want to vacation at Camp Ilene, you might not want to go home!  Rambo & Sweet Pea Fowler


Hey, it’s me, Ace – You know, the Boxer puppy who likes to run, run, run?!?!? I’m so excited that I get to tell you all about my favorite place in the whole world (besides Mommy’s pillow)!!!!! Did I mention that I like to run around??? Any way, I get to run around all day at the most doggy friendly place, and everybody loves me there!! How could they not, look at me, c,mon, look at me!!! Did I tell you that I like to run??? Oh okay, Mommy let me on the computer today so I could tell you about Camp Ilene , (She doesn’t usually let me play with her toys) so here goes… I was about four months old when my Mommy and Daddy first brought me to Camp Ilene , and did I mention that I love to run around??? Well, that’s what I did, a LOT!!! I’ve been coming here about twice a week ever since, and I have made so many friends! I have learned to watch Daddy on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I follow him around until he puts my leash on and we get in the car. That’s how I learned my days of the week!! I also know the way to Camp Ilene ’s because my tail starts wagging and I start talking to Daddy before he even turns on Ilene’s street!! I can’t wait to run in the gate and see all of my friends again!! I spend my day running around and playing in the water when it’s warm outside. Did I tell you that I like to run? Oh, Mommy says I did already, and she’s tapping her watch… Well, when Daddy picks me up after work I wag my tail, jump in the van, and for some reason I’m asleep before he even turns the corner…I have to go now, Mommy’s talking about muddy paws and something called a “keyboard….”  Love, Ace

Hudson and I want to thank you for the wonderful experiences we have had at your camp.  You know I enjoy the outdoors, but I am more the stop and smell the roses, type guy.  I love sitting with you getting puppy loves.  Hudson on the other hand loves to romp and play all day long.  His favorite thing to do is run on the agility course.  We all know I can do it, but I choose not to.  However, we both enjoy posing for the Petcam.  As you can tell by our picture, Hudson and I are not camera shy.  Do you remember how crazy our mom was the first time we slept over?  I didn’t think she was going to go out of town.  Huddy and I couldn’t wait to get out of the car and start playing with the other campers, but we did the right thing and kissed our mom goodbye.  As you know, she survived our stay, and we have been enjoying many weekends at camp.  Boy we have a blast here!  We cannot thank you enough for providing us a place to stay that is safe, exciting, and full of love.  We just love Camp Ilene!  With Love, Walker

RUFF RUFF from Shadow...I wuv you guys at camp!  I'm a big black lab, who loves my visits (day or overnight) to Camp Ilene. I was "adopted" (aka rescued) by my "mom" from a local Humane Society (May 2005). I was barely 1, so I was pretty attached to her from the very beginning.  Well, my mom says "by the grace of God" she heard about Camp Ilene.  He coincidentally met a local dog sitter in a Lake Arrowhead Starbucks…the day she brought me home!  So now she can rest easy when her and my dad need to go away…and me, I can have lots of fun with all the other “kids” at Camp.  By the way…my Mom and Dad love to watch me on the “Pet Cam”….so do all the relatives!


I love to go to Camp every Wednesday. Camp Ilene is my most favorite place to go. I'm a Transylvanian Hound, and until I started going to Camp, my mom and dad didn't know what to do with me! My name is Annie, but at Camp they call me Annie Bananie. On Mondays I wait by the door, but nobody gets out the leash. On Tuesdays I wait by the door where mom and dad keep the leash, but nobody gets it out. By Wednesdays, I'm sure someone has forgotten to take me to Camp, and I can't even eat breakfast, I'm so excited! But then dad gets out the leash and I jump in the car and off I go with mom! I love to play on the cool toys at Camp, and run in the corral, and play ball, and get squirted with the hose and jump in the pool. There's always something fun to do. I run all day, and by the time I go home I'm really tired and can't keep my eyes open. My mom and dad love Camp, because they say a tired dog is a good dog. It sure does wear me out - I sleep for two days! I even get to stay at Camp sometimes when mom and dad go on vacation. Our cat has to stay at home. She doesn't go places like Camp, which is just for good dogs like me. I have lots of friends at Camp and I tell everyone they should come and play. I wish I could go every day, I never want to leave Camp. Auntie Ilene, you're the best! 


Dear Camp Ilene,

I am Dakota the Happiest Camp Ilene Camper! My favorite is when you throw the ball for me and then I bring it back and you throw it again and again and again, don’t stop please. Camp Ilene is Labrador Heaven!   I started going there when I was only six months old because I was chewing the walls when my Mom & Dad were gone to work and I’m two years old now. I come every Thursday and we even have a song so that I know when I get to go to camp. It goes like this:  

It’s doggie day care day, Time for Dakota to play, I get to run all day, At doggie day care day!  (Sung to the tune of howdy doody time)

As soon as I hear that song I dance by the door and jump into the car to go to camp. I love it when they throw the ball all day and I love the pool best of all (Don’t all labs love the pool?) I have even spent the weekend there and had the best time. I am always so tired when I get back home and will sleep for the whole next day. Thank you Ilene and can you throw that ball again please? And again? One more time?  Happy Camper      Dakota

How Camp Ilene Saved My Life and My Mommy’s Sanity  By MishMish

My mommy adopted me after I was rescued from the streets.  I was really nervous when she brought me home.  Every day she would leave me home alone while she went hunting.  I was afraid she wouldn’t come home to me.  I was also bored – I was used to having to hunt for myself and now I was home alone.  Yes, I had a big yard to play in, a big house to sleep in and my own special door, but I was alone.  I’d look for things to play with and had a few accidents.  O.K., a lot of accidents.  Statues, papers, books, sofa, TV, screen door.  Mommy would come home and yell at me a lot and she’d even cry sometimes.  When I broke the TV I thought I was a goner.  Then one day Mommy took me hunting with her, or so I thought.  But instead she brought me to this place called Camp Ilene .  I was really scared I was being dumped again and all those dogs waiting at the gate were really scary.  Mommy took me through the gate herself and let me loose.  Those other dogs weren’t so bad after all.  I ran around and played all day and guess what – Mommy came back at the end of the day and brought me back home.  Boy did I sleep that night! Now I just love going to Camp Ilene .  I have friends there and even a special boyfriend.  I just plow my way through the gate and past the crowd.  We play all day and even go swimming when it’s hot.  Sometimes I get to spend the night and be an overnight camper, but Mommy always returns for me.  And when I’m home, I don’t have so many accidents because I’m too tired to get into trouble.  Now Mommy’s happy with me and doesn’t yell at me or cry anymore. And that’s how Camp Ilene saved my life and my mommy’s sanity.


Hi everydog.  My name is Hanna and I'm the gorgous blonde Golden who has all the boys in a tizzy.  I have my human's bring me to camp several days per week and of course when they go away on their silly vacations.  Trust me, I would never stay anywhere where I was not treated like the princess that I am.  Ilene and her helpers really know how to pamper a girl like me and going to camp is my absolute favorite dog activity.  Tell your humans that you want to go to camp and look for me.....but please no autographs!  Hanna, the most beautiful one


 Hi, my name is Riley. I'm a Jack Russell Terrier who loves to play with other dogs (both big and small, remember, I'm a Jack).  I love to go with my family on vacations, except they can't always take me because they don't allow dogs in the hotel rooms or on the ski slopes. I used to stay home in the garage and get walked a few times a day by one of my family's friends. They were real nice, but I was very, very, lonely. (remember, I'm a Jack). Then one day my Mom was talking to her friend Melissa who told her about this totally cool place called Camp Ilene. We called Auntie Ilene and asked if she had room for me. Well, that was the bestest week of my life, (away from my family that is), and I was hooked.  Camp Ilene is the most fun a dog can have when their family goes away. I love to play with the other dogs, run around the huge property, (I think Auntie Ilene has about 1 million acres), splash and play in the coolest dog pool known to man, and just hang out  (there's even a Dog Web Cam, so you can see us having fun). The only problem I have is, I sometimes eat the other dogs food (Yum,Yum) and I get a big belly. Of course, it's very sad when I leave camp because I have to say goodbye to all my friends (actually I miss Auntie Ilene the most, she's my girlfriend but don't tell anyone). So if your looking for the best time known to Dogkind, check out Camp Ilene. It's the bestest, coolest, and funnest place for a dog to hang when our families can't watch us. One last thing, I usually sleep for two days straight when I get home because I'm exhausted from playing with all my friends, (remember I'm an active Jack).  See you at Camp! Doggie Licks & Hugs, Riley (I'm the white short legged jack with the brown spot!)

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