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The ONLY Facility in the Inland Empire located in a home for a real home away from home environment for your "Fur Kid"!

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Doggy Overnights & Day Care Testimonials 2

Hello, my name is Charlie, I have not always been such a happy puppy.  I had a pretty rough start and a not so nice person who kept me in a tiny area ALL day long.  Lucky for me I was rescued and my new people, who call themselves mom and dad, take very good care of me.  I am so happy now, but the best part is that because of my past, my mom refused to put me in a kennel type place while they went on vacation... Anyway, she told me she found a really neat place that I could run and run and run, cause that's what I do best-est!!!!!   She went to meet Ilene to make sure she was nice and she met some of my doggy friends too and decided I would really like it with her and the other campers.  She was sooooooooooo right,  in fact I like Ilene and camp so much that I always forget to say goodbye to my mom and dad when they drop me off...ooooops!  I just get to excited to see all my friends and Ilene and all her people helpers!!!  Mom and dad went away for one week and they said they could watch me on the computer and that made them feel much better.  Camp Ilene is the best-est place for us furry guys and gals so please send me some more friends to play with.  Oh yeah and one last thing, I have not moved for about 3 days now, even my cat friends are not sure who I am!!!!   I am the luckiest puppy in the world....thanks CAMP  ILENE!!!!   Love, Charlie  aka....Char-e bear :)



I can't express to you how content I am.  In the last 30 years, this is the first time I have no worries about the dogs, and actually been able to relax.  I watch the webcam just to see them and say mommy and daddy love you.  I don't watch for worry.   Im sure there are days you don't want to pick up the poop or get up early to meet customers, and I feel the same way when I go teach a dog lesson.  Because a job is still a job, but the fulfillment I receive when I see how happy the dogs are when I teach the people how to co exist with their dogs and get them out of the backyard and in the house to watch tv, and lay with their people makes me smile.  You do that for people who want their dogs to stay in a loving, caring environment.  I'm not easily impressed, but HAT'S OFF TO YOU AUNTIE ILENE !  you are the best and I hope you stay in business for a very very long time.  The peace of mind you offer is well worth any amount of money any day of the week.  And oh yea, the dogs enjoy being there more than any kennel I have ever seen.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart   :)     Sondra  :)



Hi, my name is Dutchess; I was born 10/13/03 . I am a Weimaraner mix, my mom is a Weimaraner and my dad was a fence jumper. Well enough about me, I want to tell you about the happiest place on earth (for dogs that is) Camp Ilene ! The first time I went to Camp Ilene was the best day of my life, now I get to go there three days a week. Every time I hear the magic words ‘ Camp Ilene ’ I start racing around and can’t wait to get there.  Camp Ilene is the perfect place to go to run, play and have fun with so many of my canine (and human) friends. When I get home from camp I am so tired, I eat my dinner and fall right to sleep. Sometimes my family will wake me when they laugh, hug and kiss me. They think it is so funny that I am fast asleep but my legs are pumping, and I have a big grin on my face. Everyone knows that I am dreaming that I am still at Camp Ilene having the time of my life!     Dutchess Miller






Hi everybody! My name is Maya and I’m a 10 month old Golden Retriever. My Mom & Dad take me to Camp Ilene’s every time they go away. I don’t know where they go, but I love going to Camp Ilene’s place. I get to romp in the corral, play with all my friends and have slumber parties every night. My most favorite thing to do is to find some water and just sit. Do you know how good that feels? Sometimes I sit in the wrong place, like a drinking bowl. But if I can find a way to fit, I’m going to "push my little tush" into anyplace that has some water. There’s nothing like the feeling of some cold water all over your body to cool off (don’t I look happy?) Can’t wait to see you next time. Love, Maya

Once again we are so tired from hanging out at Camp Ilene, all we want to do is sleep when we get home.  Your team of experts keep us busy running up and down the ramps, chasing big balls around, and last time Alburt got to play in the water. I don’t like it much but he is a fish out of water. I like coming to your place Ilene because I get to see some of my buddies, and we just play, run, snooze, sit on top of the ramps and watch those silly humans work, you know work is for those who do not have anything better to do.  I am learning how to be a girl dog and I am pretty likeable most of the time.  One of our favorite times is naptime, and I like my brother because he lets me use him for a pillow when I take naps. Really though I am protecting him while he sleeps, he doesn’t know that, but I am, I whisper little doggie stories in his big ole floppy ears.  I like Camp Ilene so much that when it is time to go I sometimes have to be given a treat to get into my Dads truck, it hurts his feelings but he knows that Alburt and I really love him. I think he knows it is because we like having so much room to run and play and just be a real dog. We are very grateful for all the Love you give us and I will always tell my friends about our stay at Camp Ilene.  Ilene, I want to thank you personally for this second home. I feel so confident of the care you provide for my dogs that Camp Ilene is second to none. This gives me a great peace of mind when I am traveling away from home. It is an honor to have you as a friend.  Ruff ! Ruff !  Our Love

Hi Ilene,
Mike and I wanted to thank you and your staff so very much for always taking such great care of our kids.  We absolutely love the fact that we know they must have such a great time with you since they sleep for two days straight!!!  This picture was taken after two days of rest and I had asked them if they had fun at camp...  Hope you like it...
Thanks again and we know Charlie and Woody can't wait to go back!!!
Best regards,
Mike, Windi, Charlie, and Woody Palmer


 Yup, even more words from dogs who Love Camp Ilene!!