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Doggy Overnights & Day Care Memorials 1

Miss Daisy Deem
April 1, 2002 - February 18, 2016

This is the day we said goodbye to our sweet, beautiful Daisy. She was an absolute blessing in our lives for almost 14 years. Life won't be the same without her, but if there is a heaven for the pets we love, I have no doubt she's chasing bunnies and dominating the food bowl there.

Miss Daisy was one of our favorites here at Camp,  She always had a happy tail and loved her treats.  She was a very special girl and our hearts are heavy as we feel the pain of her loss. 

January 4, 2004-August 11, 2015

To the Camp Ilene Family "The only people who cared as much for our fury friend as we did"
Just wanted to share that after 11 amazing years (many of which she vacationed with you) our pooch is in doggy heaven:(


It is with a heavy heart that we share that Tungsten “T-girl” passed away this morning around 2am. This pooch had at least 21 lives. She has eaten socks, underwear, swimsuits, shoes, bowls of cookie dough, wrappers and about anything she could sniff. After each of these snacks, this pooch managed to survive. Last night we suspect that she may have eaten 2 french rolls. She woke at midnight very uncomfortable and pacing around the house. We could not calm her and as her discomfort continued, we noticed that her stomach had expanded and turned hard. With a quick trip to the doggy ER, we found that she had bloat (a condition where a dogs stomach will 
literally flip) and therefore her other organs were not receiving blood. We had 2 choices, put her down, or send her into emergency surgery. The vet said she would likely not recover from the surgery at here old age (11&1/2).

We know that wherever T-girl is now, she is likely playing fetch with Max and Baxter. We will miss her:(

November 2003 - May 21, 2008

It is with great sadness and loss that my dear friend Zeus is moved from the Camp four-legged staff page, to the Memorials page.  I believe that akitas come into your life and take a part of your soul.  Zeus came to Camp and touched the hearts of everyone that met him.  He was a big goofy boy with so much love, he was definitely a "momma's" boy, and still shared his heart with all.  He loved his Meehoe, and Sydney was his best friend.  We are all mourning his loss.  His and my relationship can be summed up very simply, I asked God to give me a best friend, and he gave me Zeus. You will always be in my heart, I love you and miss you deeply my friend..... 


May 19, 2006 - December 17, 2014

  Maya had been coming to Camp since December of 2006, she was just a precious puppy in those days and immediately took to all of us at Camp.  She especially loved water, and used to get into the largest water bucket we had to cool off.  She was thrilled when we got our full sized swimming pool so she could swim laps back and forth for hours.  It is with great sadness and many many tears that Maya is no longer with us. Cancer took her from us way too soon.  She was fine one afternoon and sick the next and the vet gave the family two weeks with Maya.   No dog was more loved then Maya by her family.  Jeanie use to have Mommy & Maya adventure days!  Whether they were on day hikes in the foothills or swimming in the ocean, they were best friends and had the best times together!  And she was one of our favorite goldens here at Camp as well.  She will be missed by all. 



November 25, 1995 -July 12, 2003

What a memorable day that was, July 3rd, 1996, Shilley (Magic) came to stay at Camp Ilene. I remember him arriving in a green Mercedes Benz sports car, sitting proudly in the front seat. He was 8 months old, very handsome and a little shy. I loved him instantly, there was just something about him that touched my soul.

The first week he was there, his owner called to check on him regularly, but then after the first week, I didn't hear anything else. I was working with a behaviorist at the time, and she said she would write the owner a letter, telling him that since this dog was an Akita, he really needed a permanent home. I prayed about him being my dog and just let God know that if he was supposed to be mine, to please let it happen. Before the letter was written that same day, the owners girlfriend called, saying that the owner could not keep the dog, and wondered if I knew someone who might want him. I cried, and Shilley became Magic.

He was an amazing dog. He was very social with all the Campers here at Camp Ilene, even Blanche, the little argentine street dog the size of a chihuahua. And Blackie, a black lab, was his favorite. They would nuzzle each other when she came to visit. He would always greet me with a wiggle and a soft toy in his mouth. All I had to do was show him my tennis shoes and he became so excited, knowing that it was his special time for a walk. He filled my heart with love and joy.

Saturday, July 12th, my faithful companion, my trusted servant, my beloved friend, Magic was found dead. It was sudden, unexpected and shocking. My vet told me bloat. His life was taken way too soon. He was only 7 1/2 years young. Dogs only stay with us such a short time compared to our lives, so when it is shortened even more, it is such a major loss. I miss him and am grieving his loss.  He was an amazing dog, full of love and wonder. Innocence and joy, what an amazing gift from God he was in my life. I miss him so much right now. I keep looking out at all the dogs wanting his face to be there, wanting him to greet me with his wiggle like he did, always with a toy in his mouth. Those who knew him, knew his strength and his gentleness. There was wisdom in his face. I was connected to that dog like no other, he was my best friend. He is terribly missed.

Mick - Little Lion King of Seven Oaks
December 3, 1999 - August 12, 2007

My precious little man, how I miss that face and your funny ways.  Too many seizures, too much suffering, the decision to let you go was very difficult and painful.  I miss your face and your silly bark whenever you heard that it was feeding time.  And I will always think of you when I get string cheese, your favorite treat!  I miss your funny ways of chasing all the dogs and grabbing their tails.  You were a true King, regal and aloof, yet sweet and loving.  You are missed and loved and I hope you are romping with Magic your best friend!




Stryder Rupp
January 2002 - March 2014

Stryder came to Camp Ilene since January 2005, he was a happy, bouncy pup who loved his sister Daisy.  His last week here was playful and fun, as always.  He passed away suddenly, like all fur kids, they leave our lives way too soon.  He was with his family for 12 years, and was loved so much.  He will be great missed, and Daisy will be at a loss for quite some time, missing her big brother.  Run free Stryder, you are loved and missed!!!


Jack Berg
December 17, 2007 - January 23, 2013

We just wanted to let you know that Jack passed away on Wednesday morning. Jack had gotten sick since the new year and seemed to have gotten better but the last two weeks his health deteriorated very rapidly. In the end he was not eating or walking anymore. In the end, after many tests, we never found out what it was that Jack was suffering from. The vet believed that it was probably something that had been happening for a long time now and he had been deteriorating slowly, but he was such a tough dog that it was hard to tell. We were going to have to make the decision to put him to sleep if the vet's last efforts did not work, but he decided for us and died peacefully in his sleep. It's like he knew that we weren't going to be able to make the decision. Even in his last moments he made things easy for us.

We wanted to thank you for taking good care of Jack and for always being willing to watch him even when you were fully booked. We know that he loved going there because he would jump right out of the car (which was usually a struggle getting him in and out of the car)  and go into your gate and sometimes not even look back at us. We always felt ok leaving him there overnight.  Jack loved going there and he would sleep for days when we brought him home.

Thanks again for caring as much as you did for our made a difference.

Matt and Esther Berg


April 20, 2000 - January 12, 2013
Cookie had been one of our favorite little campers since December of 2005, she earned a place in all our hearts.  She would always run in, with her nose to the ground looking for something to hunt.  I remember her last days here, trying to find whatever critter was hiding in the hot water heater cabinet!  And I remember the time she thought there must have been a rat inside the jacuzzi, as she dug away at the cover.  She was little and mighty, always looking for critters she could hunt.  She traveled with her Mom to many states,  including Oregon, Colorado, North Caroline, and California, always coming back to Camp when she wasn't on the "road" being her Mom's travel companion and best friend.  She was a certified Junior Earth-dog.  She was wittily and sneakily smart.  She will definitely be missed here at Camp and I know in her Mom's heart.  Rest in peace little friend.


Greta Herman

August 3, 2011 - December 22, 2012

We lost a dear friend this morning. Greta lost her fight with liver disease. She was the happiest doodle poodle ever, and we all loved her here at Camp. She was only 1 1/2 years old, bless her little heart. So sad. Go run beyond the Rainbow Bridge precious Greta, play with many of our dear friends who are running free, waiting for us to join them.....


Einstein Haggard

Spring 2005 – March 1, 2011

Einstein came to me via a rescue group.  Someone asked me to hold his leash for a moment and I never let go!  One look at his face and I knew we were meant to be together.  Einstein was friends with everyone and everything!  He stayed still while Aurora, his feline girlfriend, would clean his face.  If he tried to move, Aurora would put a paw on his snout until she was done.  He was the most gentle dog ever!  I will always remember bringing him to Camp Ilene, his most favorite place to visit.  When we would arrive, he would run to the gate anxious for Ilene to let him in.  On the occasions when he camped overnight, he would return home limping, his paws sore from running and playing so much, but he would have a big smile on his face.  Einstein was diagnosed with cancer last August.  He fought a brave battle, enduring chemo and subsequent illnesses.  Unfortunately the cancer spread and I had to make the very hard decision to end his suffering.  He went peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge where I am sure he is playing with all of his angel friends!  I am truly blessed that he chose me to be his “Mom.”  I love you, Einstein – be happy, healthy, and run like the wind with your angel friends!



On December 19, 2010 at 11:00 AM, our beautiful, magnificent and sweet-tempered Transylvanian Hound, Annie, died in her sleep. She was one month shy of her 6th birthday.

Annie was with us too short a time. During her time with us she was fiercely loyal, loved us unconditionally, and was glad to be alive. She was a joker, loved to laugh and grin with us, and was always happy to see us every day. She was our constant companion. She loved to be with us no matter what we were doing, and could always be counted on to be under foot.

Scott and I will both miss her good nature and unique personality, her generous heart, and our nightly sleep buddy. She will live on forever in our hearts and memories as our wonderful hound and walking companion, and our sweet girl.

We will miss her every day when we wake up without her, take walks without her, go for rides without her, and never hear her jingling collar again. She barked to welcome us home every day, she barked to talk with people in the park below our back yard, she loved to watch them play soccer in the park too. She loved to watch football and baseball on TV, and she had many friends who loved her as well.

Her favorite place to go was Camp Ilene. Ilene and her Camp Counselors loved Annie and cared for her every Wednesday for 5 years. We know they will miss her very much.

We took her to the vet on Saturday for some bloodwork, because she was gaining weight recently, and we wanted to find out why. The vet gave her muscle relaxers so he could take x-rays as well. When we took her in, she had a tummy ache due to something she ate (she did have a very sensitive stomach), which normally will wear off. We believe during the 24 hours following the sedation, which took a long time to wear off, her stomach turned over, which is fatal for dogs, and can happen very quickly. She was lying on her chenille blanket in front of the fireplace by the Christmas tree when she stopped breathing. She was at peace and relaxed at the end.

Please remember her fondly. She brought us great joy, and even though our sorrow is intense right now, we will be able to move on.

In fond, loving remembrance of Annika Reddy for Bear

Mostly known as just Annie


Nikki Kimmel


Nikki was a favorite camper here since 2004.  She had a special place in my heart and in my home.  She slept at the end of the bed in my bedroom on a dog bed next to Zeus, and after he passed, next to Takara or Tomodachi.  She had a precious heart and soul and will be missed greatly.  Hope you are romping with Zeus beyond the Rainbow Bridge Ms. Nikki.  We love you and miss you!




Rufus Pighini

2/22/1996 to 8/29/2010

Rufus started coming to my home in Mission Viejo, way before Camp Ilene started.  He started doing sleepovers when he was 4 months old, and we use to call him Rufus the Dufus, as he would always get into so much trouble. He was quite a rambunctious puppy, chewing through metal sprinkler heads and other miscellaneous items. Each time Lori & Mark would come to pick him up, they would have that look in their faces and ask what he destroyed that weekend.  I remember one time when Lori called me frantic, telling me he had eaten an entire pound of chocolate fudge, worried that he would get sick.  Of course, he never did, we think he was part billy goat!!  He became one of my very favorite campers, and I loved him and his family.  We went through alot together.  After 14 1/2 years, Rufus went on to the Rainbow Bridge and will be missed deeply.  Rufus was a dufus even up until the end, the night before he died, he stole the paper napkin off Lori's mother in laws lap and tried to eat it!  We love you Rufus, romp with Magic, Blackie, Chamois, Lucky and Tucker.  We will see you again!



Lola Hankerd

December 29, 2008 - February 13, 2010

Lola was such a happy camper.  She lived her too short life to the fullest!  She had so much joy in her.  She was able to spend her last play times at Camp Ilene romping with her sister Lilikoi Rose, having a fabulous time.  She loved the ball, and wrestling with Lili and the other campers as you can see from some of her photos in the Camp Ilene gallery.  She passed away just a week later, at home, in the arms of loved ones after suffering a terrible seizure, which she had occasionally suffered from.  She gave joy to her family and friends and will be deeply missed. 






On Monday March 9th my dog and running buddy Kodi went to sleep for the last time. She was almost 17 years old and was fighting the inevitable right to the end. That morning started out on a positive note. Like most mornings with Kodi, she was prancing & trotting around the yard while I fixed her breakfast, it didn’t look like it would be her last. After she battled back from being attacked by a Pit-bull last July I thought nothing could beat her, but age caught up with her, like it does to us all. I miss her so much…. I didn’t think it would hurt like this…. I love you Kodi….








5On Friday, August 22nd, I made the hardest decision and let Maverick go peacefully across the   Rainbow   Bridge   .    He turned 13 last month.  Maverick was the bravest dog and put up a tremendous fight and will to live since his surgery for the removal of a brain tumor in August 2006.  Although he did well, those types of tumors eventually grow back and as hard as he fought, he was getting so tired and the fire in his eyes was starting to go dim.  I know he was trying to tell me it was OK, but I didn’t have the heart to say goodbye yet.  I wasn’t ready, but I know he was.  He was the funniest, smartest, fastest, strongest, most intelligent dog that I ever knew.  We adopted each other on January 20th, 1996, and had been together thru thick and thin ever since.  He was my best buddy and I miss him terribly as does Tom.  His little brother Aidan and little sister Bella Bleu miss him but they know that they have a guardian angel looking out for them and I know that Mav crossed the Rainbow Bridge with a spring in his step and a gleam in his eye and is playing endless Frisbee and swimming in the ocean, his favorite things to do.  So for those of you that knew him, say a little prayer next time you see a Rainbow.  Cara & Tom



It is with great sadness and deep loving that I share with you that I had to let my beloved dog, Barney, go Thursday night.  Barney had cancer and probably would not have made it through the night.  I knew it was time for him to go.  I held him for hours.  I stayed with him, asked plenty of questions, and listened to my inner guidance to be sure that I was making the choice for his quality of life.  I'm at peace with the decision.  He just curled up in my arms and went to sleep. Barney is the best dog I've ever had.  He's always been there when we opened the door, when we turned a corner, when we were awake, and asleep.  He let us know when someone came to the door.  He taught us how to love by fully loving.  Barney is/was pure love --- the ultimate in unconditional love.  He was my precious furry faithful friend and will be sorely missed.  It has been a tremendous honor to have opened my heart and loved my Barney so deeply.  May we all have so much love to give, share, and feel in all times ahead.

Candi, Arnie, Michelle & Josh






Tucker had been coming to Camp since he was a puppy, when we first started in Orange county.  He was a big loveable golden retriever that was always so happy to see us and be here with us.  He was one of our "house" dogs, who would come in and be a member of our family.  We even had the privilege of watching his two legged siblings grow into adulthood, as they were "pups" too when he first came to Camp.  He will be greatly missed by us and his wonderful family. 


Howie came to Camp for the first time in July of 2004.  He was happy and frisky, a typical sheltie.  We called him our "microwave dog", as whenever we would use the microwave he would bark.  He loved running with the big dogs, making sure everyone stayed in line.  He was always excited at meal time!  Howie will be greatly missed.







The first week of March 1995, J.J., a co worker from the deaf school was driving down the street somewhere and was appalled when she saw a man spraying something at a dog. J.J. took the dog, knowing that she could not take him home because her two dogs were not "friendly" to other dogs, she decided to bring him to school and announced, "Who would like to adopt a dog she found?" So, quickly I ran to the office and said I would take him. I had just moved into my first home a few weeks earlier. Right then, "Carmel" was in my life. He got his name because his fur was of carmel or caramel color. Took him to the vet to have him checked and come to find out by checking their teeth he was about six months old. We didn't know what breed he was. Soon, I checked into different sources to see if he could be trained as a "hearing ear dog". Karen from the Hearing Ear Dog organization tested him and he was a candidate and from there she helped me trained him. My good friend, Barb helped practice the duties Carmel was to do. Such as to wake me up by jumping on the bed and paw me, get me when someone is at the door when he thought someone came to visit him not me, alerts me when someone calls my name, smoke alarm goes off, and surprisingly he alerted me to some strange noises from the car by the way his was moving his head and ears perked up. Carmel was a quick learner. Since he was a certified hearing ear dog, he pretty much went everywhere with me when he had his special leash and vest on. Carmel was a certified hearing ear dog, he was able to travel with me. We've flown to Michigan every summer to see Nana and Uncle Geoffrey. He sat on the floor in front of me on the plane, and on some occasions when there was an empty seat he had his "own" seat. Some flight attendants were dog lovers too. They say, we won't tell anyone. Some passengers thought Carmel was very cute and well behaved. We stayed a month in Michigan. Carmel loved to watch at, look for, yip at, and chased the squirrels. He'd try to climb up the tree to get them. Duh!!! We've been to conferences and he would be the "king" on his own bed watching TV in the hotel room while I attended meetings. Of course, I covered the top of the bed with a sheet. He was a good traveler. He loved to go for car/van rides. In the last few years, we found a great dog care center that is wide open on a acre of land, where he was free to run, play, and sleep anywhere in "Camp Ilene's home. They had their treats and naps and he would come home dog-gone tired. On Tuesday Oct. 23rd, after years of being my best friend, my sole companion, hearing ear dog and more, Carmel peacefully went to meet the Lord . Carmel was a beloved dog and friend and will be deeply missed.

More dogs that have gone beyond the Rainbow Bridge....