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The ONLY Facility in the Inland Empire located in a home for a real home away from home environment for your "Fur Kid"!

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Doggy Overnights & Day Care Testimonials

Just wanted to thank you and all the Camp staff for taking such good care of Ollie.  He came prancing in just like he had been visiting his favorite humans and he was so clean and beautiful.
Thank you so much.  It means a lot to us to know he is well cared for when we have to be away.
You did good!
Janna and Gary

 Thank you again for taking such good care of my girls while we were gone.  I, as most dog owners, are very particular and picky when it comes to our dogs.  I have a very hard time leaving them.  I am so grateful to our friend Amber for her Referral to Camp Ilene.  My dogs come home so happy and exhausted from playing.  This is our second time using you and when we arrived at the gate, my Boston was screeching to get in the gate.......made me feel so good and made it easier to leave them.  


Diane Flatebo

Dear Campilene,
Yogi and I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful time we had there this weekend.  Gin had a good time too, she just won't admit it.  We love coming to visit and Yogi says thank you for the tennis ball.  He won't let me have it!  My mom attached a picture of Yogi and I after we got home.  We were sure tuckered out!  See you on Wednesday.
- Murphy


Ilene!  You and your staff have been absolutely wonderful and we appreciate the love and compassion you have showed Monte and Granger!  Not to mention putting up with Monte and his shenanigans ;)
They both get so excited when I tell them "We are going to Camp Ilene to see the puppies".   Thank you again for everything you and your staff have done!  It has been an absolute blessing knowing the boys are in good hands while we are away.
Christina Thais and Scott Clark

Hi Ilene,
I've been meaning to thank you for taking such good care of our Pooklook while we were gone. Although he is not a frequent camper, you can’t imagine how much I appreciate the peace of mind that only you and your camp can provide to me and my wife, not to mention all the fun for our boy. Somehow I can tell he has a great time every time he goes to camp, and after playing with the other campers he’s exhausted by the time we pick him up. I’m glad we can count on you to care for our boy when we cannot.
Thank you so much!!!   Pablo & Pooklook



I am glad my puppies were with you for a week.  They were so healthy and happy when we got them back, I could tell they had been well taking care of.  I was so pleased to find out they had learned to socialize and play with other dogs while staying at your camp.  I am sure they miss you.  Snoopy is still a big gentle quiet bear while Squiggles is shy and on guard around strangers, just as your staff described them to us.  My husband and I couldn't be more satisfied with your wonderful loving and caring services.  For sure we will call on you when we go out of town again.  Thank You.  
Nathalie Schuch


Thank you so much for taking such good care of my baby over the weekend! He is ten years old and this was the first time that Dover has ever spent the night away from home with anyone but his grandparents. Needless to say, we found comfort in watching him on the pet cam while we were separated! Your staff was so friendly and I was so excited when I found out that he made some buddies and played the day away! He was so exhausted when we picked him up, he fell asleep within 10 minutes in the car and slept the next 2 days away. I'm so glad we found such a great place to play and such a wonderful staff to care for him. We will gladly drive 45 minutes to bring Dover to Camp Ilene whenever the need arises!
- Nikki Marlowe


Ilene and Camp Ilene crew,
Thank you so much for taking such great care of our Kiko and Nani again.  We heard that they interacted a lot with other dogs this time.  Yay!  I hope they behaved themselves.  They can get pretty rambunctious.  We appreciate so much all you do for our furry babies!  You're awesome!!    Love, Chris & Amy Corrigan (and Kiko, Lele and Nani)



Hi Campers!
I just wanted to let you know that McKenna had such a great time at Camp Ilene! After being home 3 full days now, she's finally caught up on her sleep and is back to her normal self. She must've played her little self silly with all her new friends at Camp Ilene and missed her long days of napping while the family is usually at work. Thank you so much for taking care of her while we were away - we felt much better on our vacation knowing McKenna was having fun at "camp"  See you soon  Chelli Vosseler







I don’t know what I’d do without all of you at Camp Ilene .  Thorsen absolutely loves to come play and all I have to ask him is “Do you want to go see Auntie Ilene today?” and he a zooms for the door, leash in his mouth and tail wagging about 90 miles an hour.  This has been a really difficult summer with my accident and I feel bad that I can’t walk him like I did before, but you have made this rough time a whole lot easier.   You are all angels!  Lisa and Thorsen




Thank YOU!  You all are the bestest, and we really appreciate that we have a place for Annie to go that's safe, and fun, and where she's a part of a family that really cares.  We would always rather take her with us, but that's not always possible...or best for her, so I'm sure you'll be seeing us again soon.


P.S.  By the way, since she's been home, Annie has been much more "dog friendly" when we're out & about on walks.  She's made a new friend that we visit and they race around the yard and she actually tries to go up to other dogs and say hello now.  Amazing change from last year or even a few months ago!  It truly is amazing that she's becoming more social -- I was really thinking it would never happen and that we'd always have a super shy girl, but she's making great progress.  Last night, we got approached (kind of charged) at the park by a much bigger guy who was off-leash playing catch with his owner and saw us and RAN over...pretty aggressive, and Annie ran around and around me, but tail up and more like "catch me" than scared.  Now, that's different!  Thanks for all you do for doggie mommy and daddies!


I am Walter with the Santa hat, and this is my sister Chloe with the reindeer antlers.  I started going to Camp Ilene at 9 months when I was a pupteen, and ever since then, mom and dad have been sending me and my new adopted sister Chloe to Camp Ilene when they go on these long trips.  They tend to be procrastinators when it comes to planning, and I know when we're on our way to Camp when I hear mom pleading with the counselor on the phone to "please, PLEASE notify us when there is a cancellation."  She has back-up places but says she feels most relieved when we're at Camp Ilene, especially because no "hotel suite" can compare to open spaces all day and all night!  Luckily for us, mom usually gets real lucky because the counselors try to squeeze us in whenever humanly possible, and they go above and beyond their duties to make sure we get to romp around at Camp!  My sister Chloe used to be a bit shy with other large dogs, but after a few visits to Camp she's just like me - the life of the party.  Oh yeah~.  We have so much fun that after we come home smelling like flowers (literally - the Bonnie grooming lady makes us so soft and fluffy) we saunter around the house with our eyes half open and sleep for two days straight.  But after some sleep, we're ready to go back, and when the suitcases start coming out, Chloe and me... we just know... It's party time at Camp Ilene.


Hi Ilene,

It is our pleasure to know that we have a "Home away from Home" for Julie. We had never imagined how Julie could spend those 5 days we were out of LA. You guys have been wonderful in many aspects. Firstly Julie was safe and happy, secondly we picked up a dog who was clean and smelled good, thirdly we felt Julie had a better vacation than us. She will only go to CampIlene when we go of for vacation. Thanks again to CampIlene team.


Thanks so much for caring for my sweet little Edward.  I hope he was nice to other over-nighters.  I know he can be touchy at times.  I'm so glad that you offer this service and I do tell anyone and everyone who has a dog, that your place is the place to leave their dogs when they go away.  
Take care,

Wendy Smart & Edward





I just want to send a note to tell you that Ozzie was completely exhausted when he came home from Camp.  I could tell he got good exercise, but still happy to see us when we got home from Vegas.  Thank you for your attention to detail with our Oz - - We love him dearly and wouldn't trust him to just "anyone".  This was our first visit and I know we will be back.  Pictured at right is Oz at the Riverside Dog park, which he also enjoys. 
Thanks again for your care with Ozzie which was quite evident when he came home.  He was a happy (very tired) dog.  I have told others about your service, and I'm quite sure my daughter will show up with her Mimi - (Lab).  She was nice enough to drop off Ozzie and was quite impressed when she saw your facility and how "dog friendly" it was.  She will probably be visiting too.
 Thanks again - - Our Oz means everything to us, and I was very pleased that he was tired when he came home.  Just like the dog park - - this means he had a good time!
 Teri & Steve Dickerson - - Mama-Papa to the "Oz Dog" as called!  :)




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