Camp Ilene Doggie Day Care

The ONLY Facility in the Inland Empire located in a home for a real home away from home environment for your "Fur Kid"!

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Dog Boarding and Dog Day Care

Camp Ilene is a place where dogs can spend quality time playing in a healthy environment with other dogs and people. It is a place where "parents" can leave their "kids" while they go on vacation, or business trips, without fear of their dogs getting sick, lonely or depressed. Your dog gets to go on "vacation" too. Just safe play and fun! Playing with their buddies, all the fun of a camp. 

We even have doggy day care available for when you have repair men at your home or other dangerous doggie distractions! Let them have fun all day rather than staying home alone! Leave your buddies in a home, rather than in a cage or warehouse setting! Take a vacation without guilt that you had to drag your dog into a kennel where they didn't want to go, while you went away for fun and relaxation. Let your dogs say goodbye to you while wagging their tails in anticipation of their time at Camp Ilene.

Doggy Spa Treatment

Let your dogs have a spa treatment while at Camp Ilene.  We now offer grooming here on the premises.  No longer do you need to take your dog to another facility to have your dog fresh and smelling sweet after their day of fun, or after their Camp stay.  They get to be groomed here at Camp at our own grooming facility with our own groomer.  And no cages to sit in, waiting for you to come get them.  You schedule your pick up time and we will let your pup romp and play and then be groomed just in time for you to pick them up! 

Real Home Away from Home Environment

Camp Ilene, is one of the only facilities in the Inland Empire located in a Home for a Real Home Away from Home Environment for your "Fur Kid"!  Unlike some other facilities, we have 24/7 staff, even at night, someone is always on the property!  We also have a full sized doggy swimming pool for those water dogs!!

  • Open year-round, providing a safe home away from home with separate fenced yards for the big and little dogs, grass, trees, toys and lots of fun, love and attention.
  • No confinement or isolation ever - No warehouse environment!
  • Small playgroups with personal love, supervision and attention
  • Sheltered, safe and fun
  • The most experienced personal care available
  • All the play, socialization and exercise dogs love and need
  • Full sized pool for your dogs swimming enjoyment!!!
  • Since 1991, we have been providing our doggie friends with the best professional care, the maximum in fun and exercise and social time spent with other dogs - your pets are never alone, even at night.
  • The funnest place your dog can be!
  • Enrollment is limited - Limited to a handful of lucky dogs, so be sure to reserve well in advance!
  • Now offering full service grooming

And for those dogs who are a bit intimidated by a large pack of dogs, and would do better in a smaller environment, we have other boarding options as well.  We care about your fur kids and want them to be happy!!

So much better than a day home alone... send your dog to camp!